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Our menu offers tasty and wholesome food, made with fresh spices and herbs. Customers will appreciate the quick delivery and the very well made food. At Budsara Thai Bistro enjoy a wide variety of delicious Thai ready to be delivered to you.

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99 Chiswick High Road
London, W42ED

TOR Thai Bistro Top Dishes


with sweet dark soya sauce


with peanut sauce


salt and pepper squid with sweet chilli dipping sauce


long bean, courgette, thai basil


courgette, bamboo shoot, thai basil


red pepper, kaffir lime leaf, coconut cream sauce

Budsara Thai Bistro's Reviews

60 reviews


  • Really delicious food, arrived promptly. Looking forward to trying some more of the menu.


  • Delicious.


  • Lovely Thai diinner! Tofu stir Frys & coconut rice were lovely!


  • I thought it was a little expensive but I thoroughly enjoyed my meal which was very fresh and delivered promptly. Will order from there again and recommend this restaurant.


  • Enjoyed my meal a lot! Had a Thai meal the previous night in a Thai restaurant and spent tripple the money for less food and worse quality. So really happy with this meal and will go back again!


  • Very good food, reasonable portions and well packaged. Food was a little lukewarm though and as for flavour perhaps needed a little more spice. Arrived later than promised but they were good enough to phone and explain that they were going to be late. Would order again.


  • the food was OK. they did get my order wrong




  • This is the 2nd time I have ordered from Tor and the quality of the food was very good (Chicken Pad Thai). There was also a 20% discount for Mondays and Tuesdays which was welcomed. However, yet again the delivery was slow and well outside the suggested delivery estimate.


  • Fairly tasty (although not particularly warm) but the portions were tiny for the prices. Normally £12 on a rice/main provides enough to cover lunch the next day - not the case here!


  • Food very good but delivery was late


  • Unfortunately, the food arrived late and the fish cakes weren't value for money. The Panang and green curry was lovely though


  • Food was great - but a little pot of curry compared with other takeaways quantity was the real downer - I could have happily had another portion of curry given the size


  • Waited over 2 hours for food to arrive, it was good though when it finally arrived.


  • Most of this has just gone in the bin, a total waste of money and I'm really disappointed. Never had food so tasteless. I'm not sure if their chef tries the food before sending it out? The worst offender was the salt and pepper thai calamari, which had never seen salt or pepper whatsoever. Calamari, just fried in unseasoned batter is horrible. Just tasted of oil. The satay chicken again tasted unseasoned and the accompanying satay sauce was tasteless. An expensive mistake!!